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Performing together since 2012, Joe Burlison'sUptown Jazz in an improvisational Jazz ensemble.  Jazz is America's gift to the world and it's best experienced Live.  Come see this dynamic group playing monthly in one of America's great listening rooms, The Dosey Doe Barn.



First Monday Java Jazz pays homage to Royalty!  Songs from the "Duke" of Ellington and the "Count" of Basie.  Ambassador Satchmo makes the list as well as King Louis!  Come see a great night of music hosted by your favorite jazz players!

First Monday Java Jazz moves to the 2nd Monday in January.  Tired of the brutal Houston winter?  We are warming things up with a musical tour to sooth your soul!  From the islands of Barbados and St. Thomas, with a stop at Ipanema and Gershwin's Summertime!  Come out and see the best Jazz players in the Houston area!



First Monday Java Jazz celebrates Mardi Gras!  If you missed the party in NOLA, we have you covered with great tunes from the home of Jazz!  Bring your beads and get ready to party with the best jazz players around!    



Upcoming Shows

First Monday Java Jazz celebrates Cinco de Mayo with Latin Jazz.  We are featuring great jazz tunes with a Latin flair.  A little bit of Bossa, a little bit of Samba!  A whole lotta fun!.  Don't miss out!       



First Monday Java Jazz goes full blown Christmas!!!  Fill your stocking with all your Christmas favorites!  Don't be a blockhead and miss out on all the Holiday Cheer!        

About the Group



First Monday Java Jazz celebrates Love!  Get an early start to Valentine's Day with the greatest love songs ever written.  We are going to Fly to the Moon and back with tunes to spark romance!  Bring your significant other, or significant wanna be other! 


First Monday Java Jazz celebrates the music of Miles Davis and John Coltrane.  Two giants of jazz left a lasting impression on the world.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear some of the great jazz standards they left behind!      



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